Faq- of food packaging

Can I order small quantities of your food-packaging ?

Yes. Because we have food-packaging or Rolls in stock in our factory, we can fulfil food-packaging or Rolls orders from 1000 bags and up. However, so that we can meet your needs most effectively, we recommend that customers give as much notice as possible for an order.

What sort of time frame should I allow for delivery of our orders?

Like any business, in order to meet your requirements of food-packaging or Rolls , we like to receive as much notice as possible (7 to 9 days), however we realise that this isn’t always possible. As we are based in India, Australia and NewZealand, in these countries orders normally take between 3-4 working days from time of orders to delivery, however this does vary depending on the size of the order. For international orders , we suggest that between 1-2 weeks is the normal time to allow. To avoid disappointment, the more notice we receive, the better!

Can you tailor food-packaging & Rolls to suit my needs with multi color printing?

We can custom make to food-packaging & Rolls your exact requirements. PleaseĀ contact food-packagingĀ with your specifications. Minimum quantities apply.

Do you provide custom-made food-packaging or Rolls in differenet material combinations ?

Up to 8 colours can be printed on custom made materials in food-packaging or RollsĀ